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Thermic-Lance Cutting & Boring

Thermic-Lance Cutting & Boring

Using the latest up to date equipment we offer the most comprehensive thermic cutting and boring service throughout the UK.

Thermic Lance is one method of boring and cutting all ferrous and non-ferrous metals concrete or rock structures, steel, cast iron, dirty materials and heavily rusted steel without noise or vibration in a fraction of the time taken by other methods. It’s ideal for heavily reinforced concrete structures, removal of strong room and safe doors, beams, columns, piles with large diameter rebar, RSJ's etc.

Thermic Lancing will tackle the tough jobs that other methods struggle with, although often used as a heavy duty demolition tool, the thermic lance can also be used to remove seized axles of heavy machinery without damaging the bearings or axle housing. This technique is often used on the pins and axles of large equipment such as cranes, ships, bridges, propellers and sluice-gates etc.

Whether your cutting or boring job is large or small and you are any were in the UK, we'll be glad to hear from you and talk you through the whole process of how we can help solve your problem.

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